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Beijing roasted duck, an attractive dish for the kings

09:42 - Tuesday, 16/01/2018


   Roasted duck and Peking Opera are two things been proud of by Beijing people . Roasted duck is not only a delicious food for gourmets, but also a cultural characteristic of the nation. Picture: Travelatfun.



However it’s known as Beijing roasted Duck, actually it’s originated from Guangdong. In the past, it was very famous and often appeared in royal menus in the Yuan, the Ming, and the Qing Dynasty. At the time of Qianlong Emperor, this dish is still the upper class, royal nobility favorite.


The fat ducks are roasted in oven with high temperature. So, the duck skin is very thin, crispy and dark-yellow. After being ripe, chef will take a sharp knife to cut pieces of soft meat to the plate. And the remaining bone is used to cook the soup. Picture: Tomfreelance.



Many restaurants will serve the meat and skin of duck seperately. Picture: China


It’s surprised for many visitors to Beijing to eat only one roasted duck dish in main menu of restaurants. The Chinese call it "unique taste" - a meal with the exclusive savour. Picture: Chinesefoodjourney.



According to the Chinese gourmets, ducks with short legs and wings, long body and large breast are chosen to make this dish. It’s a reason why a layer of fat is appeared between slades. In addition, it’s dipped into the brown boiled sugar mixture. Picture: Empressgardenrestaurant.

Special firewood is also used fire in oven where roasting duck, including fruit tree or camphor wood, to smell and attract diners. Picture: Kuali.

Many travellers to Beijing in the winter said that, sitting to eat pieces of hot duck meat in restaurant, when it’s very cold and snowy, is really pleasure.

There are 2 types of sauces used to eat roasted duck. One is the traditional sauce with soybeans fermented and mashed with garlic. The second type is soy sauce mixed with sesame oil, garlic mash.






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