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14:29 - Friday, 26/01/2018


Welcome to SAIGON RESTAURANTS - an interesting Hong Kong cuisine world with a cool space, luxurious furniture, exclusive menu and  enthusiasm service.

The Chinese meaning of Dim sum is commonly translated to ‘ point of the heart’. As the famous dish in Chinese cuisine, these small portions of food are made into the variety of size, taste, color and is also transparent.


Prawn/ Shrimp Har Gow Dumplings: It’s great to enjoy this simple dumpling covering the exclusive fillings. The cake is not too thick, not too thin, not too tough together with fresh shrimp, served with a little chili sauce that stimulate your appetite .


Custar steamed buns: Known as “ liu sa bao”  - meaning "sand dunes" is favored by a lot diners. If just looking outside, you will think this cake is no different from the other dumplings. But when breaking into two portions, you will be attracted with yellow smooth fillings as the flow of golden sand (kim sa) and light fragrance.


Vietnamese Meatballs : This steamed cake with the pork, shrimp and crab eggs in salt fillings, served with a little soy sauce, is very delicious.   


Xi quach hotpot: The Cantonese meaning of xi quach is " tru cot " - pig’s bones- that is the main ingredient in this hotpot. It’s served with vegetables, fruits, mushroom, apples, fresh beefs, and added with watercress.

The unique dim sum art is originated from Guangdong, in the southern of China, where the traditional Yum Cha is transformed into a main meal. For many people here, it’s treated as a weekend family day. The traditional dim sum restaurants typically serve dim sum until mid-afternoon. However, more restaurants serve diners all evening. Even so, dim sum is also sold as handy snacks for students and busy working people.

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